A small collection of visual moments from Hong Kong

With its dramatic cityscapes, Hong Kong is a street photography haven. Hong Kong is an energetic blend of cultural history and innovation. Crowded streets, neon lights, purely beautiful.


I often say that in 2014, I lived in 3 different countries during the year. It may sound a bit pretentious, but this is not the intention – I found more inspiring, although I must recognise that it was very exhausting as well.

From London’s busy streets, where I had a sabbatical, to the even more active and chaotic brief life in São Paulo, to my final destination in Sai Ying Pun in the Western District in Hong Kong, this was a year of significant changes. 

During my first year in Hong Kong, I spent a lot of time taking pictures, documenting the city, and its streets’ intensity and density.

It is a fantastic place, full of things to discover. This exploration certainly helped me to understand it better and developed my great admiration for Hong Kong.