Celebrating a football club history and its legacy

Nike debuted a film supporting the São Paulo based club Corinthians, promoting its new jerseys, inspired by its uniform from the 70s, a significant era in the club history.



The club has been historically recognised by the colours black and white for most of its entire history. The new jerseys presented their characteristic colours and contained narrow vertical stripes that were the starting point for the campaign core idea.

Following the 2014 FIFA World Cup hosted in the country, the brand wanted to promote the club by adopting an illustrated theme celebrating the club history and legacy.

With the concept “Over here is black and white”, the commercial shows the difference between Corinthians’ spirit – who knows no compromise – and everyone else – because “you’re either black and white or you’re not.” 

The campaign ran through social media and Nike Football brand channels with a strong positive response.

Client: Nike
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo
My Role: Creative concept, Design



Art Direction

We wanted to showcase how this new breed of players can inspire and make the game more exciting than ever before. For them, to create something new, one must break something old. Having this as a starting point, we developed the idea further, giving each player their voice. Our story and visual direction were all based on the same concept.

Combining the art of traditional Chinese calligraphy and vicious basketball trash talk, we achieved a remarkable and impactful result. In traditional calligraphy, the visual form, energy and motion translate the meaning and expression. The typefaces featured on each poster are handmade and intimate, representing each player’s personality, style and tonality.

Their pictures are energetic, glitchy, raw and full of movement. The campaign key visuals feature a series of players who are fearless and filled with swagger and confidence. They “got next” and they’re ready to take you on in a court near you.