Bringing positivity and helping people to be physically and mentally healthy

Prudential's responsibility is to create a platform to promote a holistic approach to wellness, focusing on a new audience.

As a leading insurer, Prudential wanted to concentrate on helping a young audience to get the most out of life. But how could we get a 173-year-old insurance brand to be relevant to Millennials and Gen-Z? The answer is to focus on a holistic approach to wellbeing, not just for their financial gains, but understanding their true passions and tapping into digital trends that resonate with our audience: their love of dance and the irresistible nature of TikTok. We created WeDo to actively get young people moving towards a healthy life as a platform for holistic wellness. The outtake is simple; when we do our wellbeing together, it's much easier and more fun.

So, we launched a world-first collaboration with K-Pop supergroup SuperM and partnered with them to write the lyrics, choreograph dances, and film a music video and social campaign to get our We Do campaign closer to our audience's minds. The campaign ran across 14 markets in Asia.



A pleasure to work on this project with Iggy Rodriguez, Shing Chew, Shingo Ohno, Cheryl Seah, Roana Brito, Daryl Goh, Priscilia Liew. Client: Prudential Agency: R/GA Singapore My Role: Creative Direction