Offering wealth solutions to help people make better financial decisions

Across the world, many are finding their savings to be inadequate for retirement. And most people will outlive their savings by at least ten years.

The Campaign

People are overall living longer — and that’s good news. The challenge is that those who live longer may find that their retirement savings are insufficient.

The same pattern repeats across regions worldwide, with retirees in major economies and developing countries, where recent economic development and better conditions have also contributed to a similar challenge.

Such changing demographic patterns are significantly altering how governments and the private sector forecast healthcare spending and account for their future pension liabilities.

The campaign showed how the rise in longevity affects financial planning, offering wealth solutions to help people make better financial decisions.

We considered different demographics, given the bank's global footprint. The message required targeted messages according to each market.

The campaign rolled out globally, focusing on Standard Chartered main markets in Asia, Africa and the Middle East; and in different channels such as TV, digital, social, and OOH.



I was thrilled to work along with the fantastic team at TBWA Singapore, SixToes and Revolver. Special thanks to Eve Aw, Gary Steele, Hagan De Villiers, Perry Essig, Laurent Pastorelli, Robin Nayak, Michele Bouquet, Cat Reynolds, Haydn Evans, Melissa Hill, Andy Norris, Rachael Wong, Melissa Tam, Janice Tay, Gilda Orru, Jamal Paiman, Lawrence Hu, Jaron Ngoh, Elliot Davis, Valery Seng, Monta Neinberga, Deena Kamisan, Kat Toh, Winnie Choo, Grace Ng, Danial Khalis, Widad Ismail, Danial Hakim, Akanksha Nair, Leigh Arbon, Mathilde Blethon.

Client: Standard Chartered Agency: TBWA Singapore My Role: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design