A selection of multi-disciplinary projects across products, brands and communications. 

Year in Search

Every day, millions of people across the world turn to the search bar with their curiosities and concerns. Every year, Think with Google publishes the Year in Search report with the top five consumer trends to help marketers drive their business forward.

I Got


Celebrating young basketball players and encouraging more kids to play the game. Over the past few years, the basketball scene in China has grown to incredible levels.


Thousands of shipbreakers risk their lives to earn a living. Standard Chartered works with shipyard owners in Bangladesh to change how things are done in the industry.

Prudential x SuperM 슈퍼엠 'We DO'
Bringing positivity and helping people to be physically and mentally healthy
Chernobyl (Чорнобиль)
A documentary about the life of residents in the Exclusion Zone
Volkswagen: Space Cross
Exploring consumers' imagination
Standard Chartered: Living Longer
Helping people make better financial decisions
Standard Chartered: Wildlife
Fighting money laundering that fuels the illegal wildlife trade

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