Creative Code

The projects centered around creative coding, with a focus on developing interactive and engaging experiences through the use of animations, immersive elements, visualizations, and installations.

Emotive Experiments

Experimenting with brain-controlled technology and interactive compositions. An implementation of Quartz Composer combining the Emotiv EPOC and interactive compositions with impressive visual effects.

Data Bending

Instant chat marketing has proven to drive significant business impact across industries. The APAC region offers the opportunity of scaling up Google Ads customer service.

Room 212

A carefully balanced concept combining past and future to create a relevant and innovative experience. The Great Northern Hotel is an exquisitely designed, luxurious boutique hotel in London, offering unrivalled value to the discerning traveller.

Honda SMS

An open source repository for interface experiments, screen interactions and reusable prototypes. Personal research and development of creative user interfaces.


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