Explore consumers' imagination through storytelling

To launch the new SpaceCross, Volkswagen wanted to explore consumers' imagination. The car, a fun, good-looking off-road wagon, is also a practical family haulier.


In addition to the indigenous peoples, many cultures settled in Brazil and tales transmitted generation after generation over centuries. Slowly, the local folklore and myths became infused with influences from the African slaves, Portuguese settlers, and other European mythology, truly a melting pot. Brazilian mythology and folklore captured the car’s essence and inspired the idea behind the integrated campaign, including two TVCs, on-line activations, a book app and posters.

Each spot tells the myths surrounding these supernatural entities, known for their mischievous and destructive character, showing how a regular person is no match for their otherworldly powers. But amid this nightmarish scenario emerges the Spacecross, the only one capable of facing up to both creatures.

“Headless Mule” is the ghost of a woman who turns into a fire-spewing headless mule, galloping through the countryside from Thursday’s sundown to Friday’s sunrise. “Saci” is a one-legged prankster who wears a magical red cap that enables him to disappear and reappear wherever he wishes (usually in the middle of a dust devil). 

The app is an interactive book that tells one of the most famous folk-tales in Brazilian Folklore, The Saci. Brazilian punk rocker João Gordo narrates the interactive story, in Portuguese.

In the folktale, Saci tricks people. He shows up everywhere in Brazil and has different names in different parts of the country. In the interactive book, you will find out all of its nicknames, make Saci jump with one leg only, see how he scares travellers and watch him French-braid a horse’s mane. Our hero, Space Cross, plays with the Saci during the adventure until it captures him.

The folktales are told by employing 3-D animations and rock music mixed with Brazilian rhythms. In the end, you can find out detailed information on Volkswagen’s new model.

The film inspired posters. Client: Volkswagen Agency: AlmapBBDO My Role: Creative concept, Art Direction, Design